Sales 38 000 tpy


UMMC Holding, the largest private group in RU

  • H.Q. Location:Yekaterinburg, Urals
  • Employees:> 75 000 people
  • Annual turnover:> $10 000 000 000
  • Integration:100% from ore to metal

Uralelectromed, 2nd largest copper refinery in RU

  • Copper cathodes:> 350 000 tpy
  • Copper sulphate:> 50 000 tpy
  • Q-Management:ISO 9001-2015, LBMA,
  • History:in operation since 1934



500 kg, 1000 kg, 1250 kg, UN approved PP/PE big bags on pallets 25 kg, 50 lb UN approved PE bags on pallets, shrink wrapped


by RAIL 19.95mt, 20.00mt, 24.00mt, 25.00mt, 60.00mt by SEA 19.95mt, 20.00mt, 24.00mt, 25.00mt by TRUCK 21.00mt, 25.00mt
UEM’s pure copper granules are the single raw material for copper sulphate. This completely eliminates the risk of contamination with dioxins and heavy metals and serves as a solid advantage compared to competitive products made at small and medium-sized conventional workshops operating on polluted copper wastes and scraps
Since late ‘80s UEM has delivered over a million tons of top-notch copper sulphate to Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and other markets; over the past three decades no governmental agency has ever detected any contamination of our product; this is the industry’s best track record
UEM is the only 100%–interstates copper smelter and refinery manufacturing copper sulphate not as a waste disposal but commercial project; the unified technological cycle comprises copper ore extraction and dressing in own mines, production of copper concentrate, electrolytic copper and copper cathodes
Uralelectromed copper refinery (UEM, est. 1934) is the world’s oldest and largest source of high-quality copper sulphate technical and feed grades; the 85-year-old mill manufactures over 50’000MT of copper sulphate a year
Swiss trading house SAGAN AG is UEM’s exclusive global distributor of copper sulphate with annual turnover in excess of 38’000MT

Copper sulphate pentahydrate ex Uralelectromed copper refinery of Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company